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About Us

Auto Cosmetics got started in 1996 solely as a paintless dent repair (PDR) company. It began with one man, Jeff Lloyd after he received training and some rudimentary tools, he was one of the first in the area to offer this new emerging service, mainly to car dealerships wanting to improve the cosmetic look of the used car inventory.

Jeff pounded the pavement and made great inroads with car dealerships in the area and with hard work, dedication to his craft, and dependability, his client list grew. His young family began to grow as well. With the birth of 2 sons at home and a young wife who helped run the office, Auto Cosmetics began to get requests from more and larger accounts stretching Adams, York, Lancaster, Dauphin, Baltimore Counties, and beyond. Many of these accounts we still maintain today after 24 years in the business.

In these 24 years, we have also worked tirelessly on assisting local dealerships when the inevitable hailstorms come. We have immense knowledge and skill in how to work with insurance companies and dealers to organize, operate, and complete these large-scale jobs with efficiency and quality. We believe the reason for this is Jeff’s tireless dedication and his word. He is honest and has tried to live by the set of values that are posted in our offices to this day.

Now that the company has grown to over 20 employees and still growing, Auto Cosmetics keeps these values at the forefront of everything we do.
As time went on, more and more of his clients continued to ask for more and more services. Not just the dent removal. Over the years, we began to learn other skills needed in the automotive “cosmetic” world. We started with windshield chip repair. Then headlight restoration. Then we added paint touch-up. All the while, we would improve on procedures and products. As we added paint touch-up, we started to realize the products on the market are generally not up to our standards. All the while, we added molding reconditioning, auto freshening/deodorizing/disinfecting, wheel repair, interior repair, mobile spray, etc.

About 3 years ago, we found a cute little shop/building for sale nearby. We purchased the building with a vision of being able to service our clients, both dealerships and the public with the services we already offered, PLUS the ability to do larger cosmetic spray work including multiple panels on a vehicle, in a more controlled environment. With blood, sweat, and tears, we are proud of how the shop has developed in the years since. AND we have
partnered with a very reputable paint company and continued to work on our paint touch-up procedure. We are proud of our one of a kind touch-up procedure and product!

auto cosmetics shop front

As for the young family….they have worked right alongside dad the entire time and continue to do so today. After mom finished homeschooling the boys, the oldest recently graduated from Akron University with a business management degree while on an NCAA scholarship. He now works directly with clients, as well as growing into a talented painter. The youngest is
currently attending York College for business marketing and works here in the shop any chance he can get. He, also, is a talented painter. And they have and a real love of cars!!!!

We are super excited about the future, here at Auto Cosmetics!! We are looking forward to continuing to serve our clients with the utmost excellence as well as offering our services more and more to the general public!! We are constantly growing and researching new services and products. One goal for the near future is an entire car detail along with the
services we already offer.

Our cars mean a lot to us. And they are an expensive investment. Our goal at Auto Cosmetics is to keep them looking beautiful and to “make the blemishes disappear!”

Jeff, Lisa, Caleb & Jacob